Photo by PAC at Palo Alto College - Mexican American Studies.

Thanks to a grant from Awesome SA, Teatro San Antonio launches the Donkey Lady Hotline

very soon!

​We are currently seeking community partners interested in hosting community performances suitable for all ages.

​Send a message for more information.


Available as a one-woman performance or 4-actor ensemble. Live music in both!

The “Ruby Reds, Big Birds y Burras” cycle (my current source material, a 160+ page manuscript) captures stories of gente who embrace the mythos of the Texas Borderlands. The one-act stage adaptation included here follows La Burra, a contemporary interpretation of San Antonio’s Donkey Lady legend. We see La Burra flesh-and-blood with a brother, Cuero, and a daughter, Chacha, who has lived with Cuero from birth. She wants to see her daughter one last time before she dies of heartbreak and diabetes. They meet one last time at MexiCon, a fictionalized conference de todo Mexican y Tex-Mex. The Big Bird character is a riff from the Big Bird legend of the Rio Grande Valley. Both Big Bird and Ruby Red have their own story-lines adapted from the collection into one-acts. Big Bird will be published as a short story soon. 

Photo by Michael Cirlos III at Guadalupe Theater. 

A Chicana creating Tex-Mex stories on stage and in print.     

Photo by Michael Cirlos III at Guadalupe Theater. 

Photo by Julie Marin at Jump-Start Theater.