A Chicana creating Tex-Mex stories on stage and in print.     

I am a genre fluid writer: original stage plays, stage adaptations of my favorite novels & short stories, creative fiction & nonfiction, hybrid journalism, boxing match scripts, emcee scripts, media releases, ghost-writing. I am currently working on a collection of short stories and a novella.

I also direct stage plays, over fifty productions (I lost count), in varied venues: from street corners to cantinas and the Tobin Center. I have performed in Latino cultural centers in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Teaching theater & writing to students of all ages is my passion. I will never give up on a student. I am currently a Graduate Fellow at Our Lady of the Lake University and a member of the Macondo Writers' Workshop. I teach writing to college Freshmen at the Lake. I have a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University. In May 2017, I will graduate from the Lake with an MA/MFA in Creative Writing, Literature, and Social Justice.

About Marisela Barrera

A theater artist, writer, and educator who has created Tex-Mex stories for over twenty years.